Hey, I'm Max. Nice to meet you!

Hey, my name is Max and I‘m a software developer
and UX enthusiast from Munich, Germany.

I’m somebody who likes desiging and building technology driven things. I have a master degree in media informatics from LMU Munich, which is basically a major in computer science and minor in human computer interaction.

So far I have mostly done web development, however, I do have experience in app development and wrote my master thesis on increasing trust in autonomous driving.

Besides coding I like to shoot and edit photos and videos.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

2015 – 2016 IAV
Master thesis on trust in autonomous driving
2013 – 2014 Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Web development
2011 – 2012 Virtuelle Hochschule LMU & Center for Advanced Studies LMU
Production of lecture and event podcasts
2007 – 2009 Open Campus GmbH
Web development


2014 – 2016 Media Informatics, LMU Munich
Exchange semester at QUT Brisbane
2010 – 2014 Bachelor in Media Informatics with applications in Human-Computer-Interaction, LMU Munich
Echange year at USI Lugano
2001 – 2010 Abitur

LMU Raumfinder

LMU Munich is one of the largest universities in Germany. With more than 80 buildings spread all over the city it is often difficult to find you way around LMU. The online room-finder makes it easy to find your next lecture and share the location with your classmates. As the room-finder is now integrated into LMU’s central online learning platform (LSF) information about the location of nearly every lecture or seminar can be accessed quickly.

LMU Roomfinder is built as a single page web app based on AngularJS and Leaflet. Through its responsive design it is accessible on any type of device – from your large desktop at home to your smartphone on the go. The room-finder has now become an official part of LMU’s homepage.

More Information

Code on GitHub

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • AngularJS
  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox


The Lumic app is the perfect choice to turn your party into an epic party! Lumic makes it simple to create customized lightshows that synchronize to your music. The app analyses your local music and uses the camera flash and display to create a stunning lightshow. Do you want an even bigger party? Let your friends join your lightshow and your devices will synchronize to create the perfect show. As the lightshow-master you are still in control: set the speed of the visualization, change colors or start the strobe effect!

Lumic was developed jointly by Juliane Franze, Jakob Eckert and Tibor Goldschwendt as part of the lecture “Developing multimedia systems” at LMU Munich. It uses Apple’s multipeer connectivity framework for the synchronization of up to eight devices. Lumic has been recommended by Chip.de and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

More Information

▸ Video on YouTube

  • iOS / Objective C
  • MultipeerConnectivity
  • Clock synchronization
  • FFT Analyzer


ASQ is a web app for the creation and presentation of interactive slideshows. It allows you to enrich your slides with interactive elements such as polls, questions or small exercises. The presenter gets instant feedback on the learning progress of their audience. ASQ uses html presentations such as impress.js or reveal.js.

Since 2012 the ASQ web app is being developed at USI Lugano by Prof. Cesare Pautasso and Vasileios Triglianos. The project has been initially started as a student by two fellow students and me. During my second exchange semester at USI Lugano I developed the responsive user experience and added features such as the presenter’s view. Since I left USI Lugano ASQ has been under constant development and it is safe to assume that by now most of my code has been rewritten, yet the my responsive design is still being used.

More Information

Code on GitHub

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Node.js
  • Websockets
  • impress.js
  • Bootstrap


Max von Bülow
Zieblandstraße 33
80798 München

info [ a ] maxmediapictures.de

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