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LMU Raumfinder

With more than 20 000 rooms it is sometimes difficult to find your lecture at LMU Munich. The LMU Roomfinder is an online web-app that makes it easy to find and share rooms or buildings.
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Parking Pioneer

When you are using car sharing system time is money and searching for a parking space can immensely increase your overall fare. Parking Pioneer is concept for a crowd based parking space finder that helps users of car sharing services to quickly find a parking place.
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Spice up your party with a stunning lightshow by Lumic. Simply select one of your favorite songs and Lumic will do the rest. Let your friends join the show and connect multiple devices for an even bigger lightshow!
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Blow me Away!

Discover Lufthansa’s large network by blowing a paper plane into the direction where you want to travel.
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As a student one of the most important question is “where is the next university canteen and what do they offer today?”. Mensa App is designed to answer this question as quickly as possible.
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Engage your students with interactive presentations and get insights about their learning progress.
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