Blow me Away!

Blow me Away is a fun way to discover new travel destinations. Simply take your phone, point it into the direction where you want to travel and start the small paper plane by blowing on your phone. The paper plane lifts of and flies into the direction your phone is pointing. The stronger you blow the further the paper plan will fly. You will then get information about the place where the plane has landed and a suggestion for a spontaneous 3-day trip.

This app was developed for the Hackathon App@Night in cooperation with Lufthansa. It is designed to promote Lufthansa’s large network in a fun and engaging way. The app uses the device’s microphone to detect the strength of the user’s blowing.

More Information

Code on Bitbucket

  • iOS / Objective C
  • Android Java
  • 500px
  • Lufthansa / Swiss Api