The Lumic app is the perfect choice to turn your party into an epic party! Lumic makes it simple to create customized lightshows that synchronize to your music. The app analyses your local music and uses the camera flash and display to create a stunning lightshow. Do you want an even bigger party? Let your friends join your lightshow and your devices will synchronize to create the perfect show. As the lightshow-master you are still in control: set the speed of the visualization, change colors or start the strobe effect!

Lumic was developed jointly by Juliane Franze, Jakob Eckert and Tibor Goldschwendt as part of the lecture “Developing multimedia systems” at LMU Munich. It uses Apple’s multipeer connectivity framework for the synchronization of up to eight devices. Lumic has been recommended by and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

More Information

  • iOS / Objective C
  • MultipeerConnectivity
  • Clock synchronization
  • FFT Analyzer